Friday, August 18, 2017


I do most of the cooking at our house.   My wife usually makes breakfast and often sandwiches for lunch; but her actual cooking expertise is meatloaf (which is a favorite) and pineapple upside down cake for my birthday. 

But supper cooking is mine.  I like to cook.

We have used slow cookers for years – always the inexpensive models like those sold at Walmart.   I have always noticed that it didn’t matter whether you selected low or high heat the slow cookers always boil everything, which means the temperature was at least 212 degrees; but the food turned out good.  

Our old cooker was on the last leg and I was questioning how safe it was to leave if we were away from home.   A replacement was definitely overdue, and my wife suggested I go ahead and buy a more expensive top name cooker.  

Of course, I hit You Tube – now my standard for research.   

The new Cuisinart I bought is fantastic: it can sauté, steam and slow cook.  I can sauté my trinity (onions, celery and garlic) right in the cooker, then  switch to slow cook and add my other ingredience.    The Cuisinart keeps the low temperature below boiling.   I can even brown my meat or steam rice and vegetables right in the slow cooker. 

Barbecue pork

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Interesting . . . I have never been fussy about slow cookers because everything always turned out mushy. But we never had an expensive slow cooker like your Cuisinart. Perhaps I should rethink things now.

    And P.S., I just looooooooooove meatloaf and pineapple upside down cake too. You're a lucky man.

  2. What?!? Sauteeing in a slow cooker? I have one very old on/off crockpot and a slightly newer one which has a built in timer and low and high settings. Hmmm. maybe I need a new slow cooker as well. -Jenn

  3. my friend inky has one and my son got one and they are's on my christmas wish list.

  4. we never had an expensive slow cooker like your Cuisinart. Perhaps I should rethink things now.

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