Saturday, August 12, 2017


News commentators are constantly proclaiming that Trump is erratic, but he has surrounded himself with excellent advisors by having selected military generals for critical positions. 

The problem with Trump and his bellicose statements is that he is surrounded by military generals. 

If you ask a any career Marine brass how to deal with an international problem, his first answer will always be ‘send in the Marines.’

Military men are trained to see military solutions and to be forceful and bellicose in the face of enemies.  

Trump is a todie hanging out with the big guys and trying to sound like one of them.   He needs to be surrounded by diplomats, not generals.

We are in a dangerous position when we have military Generals advising the President on North Korea diplomacy.  

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I will respectfully disagree. It's the generals who might restrain him. They know engaging North Korea in military action is a sure way to lose big time -- it would piss off the Chinese (who do have an effective military, including nukes that are a heck of lot more effective than anything North Korea pretends to have) and cause a land war in Asia. Trump is channeling Reagan and looking for a tidy little war (think Grenada) but is too dumb to find one. Although the fact that now he's begun talking about military action in Venezuela is a good sign -- his advisors may have convinced him it would be safer to follow the U.S. tradition of screwing over Latin American countries than it is to continue in a verbal pissing contest with North Korea. Trump has the attention span and reasoning ability of a gnat so he's got to be getting bored with all the Korea talk and is ready for the next shiny object to cross his path.

    1. Hope you are right.

      To me China is as dangerous as Russia. China actively supported North Korea during the Korean war and North Vietnam during the Vietnamese war - not only arms and equipment; but military advisers and combat units. China is not our friend.

      My mother was one of the first women assigned to a combat zone - she was on a Navy hospital ship sent to Pearl Harbor and my step father was Coast Guard and in Pearl Harbor during the bombing. They were military and fair game - it was their choice. But, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were a crime against humanity.

  2. I could totally see DJT going full Colonel Ripper on us, especially when his high crimes come to light.

  3. We live in interesting times.

  4. you can quote me on this..
    'we're fucked'


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