Sunday, April 10, 2016


I was raised in the deep south, in a small Mississippi Delta cotton town.  The food I ate was all delicious, but mainly fried or covered with gravy.   I never had spaghetti except out of a can – my grandmother considered it foreign food – something Italians (whoever they were) ate.   Potatoes were a rarity - we ate rice, usually covered with gravy.   What wasn’t covered with gravy we covered with mayonnaise. 

As a kid I ate tomato sandwiches, bologna sandwiches, span sandwiches, lunch meat sandwiches all slathered with mayonnaise.  Anything you could put between two pieces of bread (eggs, pineapple slices, meat, fish, cheese…) you could cover with mayonnaise and make a sandwich. Often I would eat mayonnaise sandwiches: two pieces of wonder bread liberally filled with mayonnaise, and this was one of my favorites.

I still love mayonnaise today.  I would willingly use it as a dip for potato chips and even french-fries.   I could put mayonnaise on everything I eat, but my wife draws a line

All good tasting foods seem to come to the same end in the name of healthy living, so too has mayonnaise – real mayonnaise.   

Back in 05 I had an artery blockage and had to have a stent inserted.   Since then I have been more conscious of fats and cholesterol.   Now I have gone from real mayonnaise to mayonnaise made with canola oil – not the same thing. 


However, getting to the point of this post, I have found that adding a dash of Champagne vinegar improves the taste canola oil mayonnaise considerably.

I just finished a fried egg sandwich with mayonnaise for breakfast.  
It is a good day.
the Ol’Buzzard




  1. "I never had spaghetti except out of a can – my grandmother considered it foreign food – something Italians (whoever they were) ate." -- hahahahaha, me too! I never even had pizza (or even heard of it) until I was a teenager in the early 70s.

    I'm not a big mayonnaise eater but when I do, I want the real stuff. But thanks for the tip about the champagne vinegar!

  2. I'm late to life to mayo..I was always a mustard girl..mustard sandwiches with a sprinkle of as I got older I realized that tuna does not go with mustard, nor blt's,nor I finally have mayo in the fridge..and now I am enjoying it..but I still use the regular ole mayo..

  3. My husband recalls making ketchup sandwiches when he got home from school, similar to your mayonnaise sandwiches. Personally I am not a big fan of it unless it is needed to mix with tuna or egg salad. I've heard of people dipping French fries in it. -Jenn

  4. Mayo is the dressing of choice here in Ukraine, too. In fact when I first came here that was about all there was. Now there are a few more choices but still mayo all the way at our house. I am a late comer to mayo too. Never had it at home on the farm, some usage after I was married. Wasted years!

  5. David was a Miracle Whip freak while I liked the Hellmann.'s mayonnaise We used to have to buy 2 different jars until one day I tried Duke's Mayonnaise. From that day on it's been Duke's around this house. Now if I can only get him away from the Ranch dressing. He puts that on pizza. That's soooo sacrilegious.

    1. Ranch dressing is good on pizza.

  6. Mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwiches.

  7. I like a bit of mayonnaise, but certainly not on everything! I can't imagine eating a mayonnaise sandwich!
    Your picture shows a jar of mayo made with OLIVE oil, not CANOLA. Olive oil is better for you anyway.


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