Thursday, January 29, 2015


America is focused on war in the Middle East; we are obsessed with Isis, mainly because of their media exploitation of the beheading of  Westerners. - and our government's obsession with oil.   

However, all this time there has been a European leaning country under attack by Russia - a country truly fighting to keep its independents; and we in America are ignoring their struggle.  

You will not find reporting of the Ukrainian struggle on the news; but you can get a firsthand view, and understanding of the root of the conflict by accessing the Blog Fodder blog posted by a Canadian living in Ukraine

It really is worth following.   

America is involved, and has been for over a decade, in a Middle Eastern religious conflict that has no resolution.   It is quite possible we created the conflict by removing Saddam from Iraq.   Colin Powell warned the Bush administrator that if you break it you own it...   well we have tried to own it every since.    

The bottom line is that we should be supporting the Ukrainian people desperately fighting to keep their independence from Russia and not spending the lives and resources in the Middle Eastern black hole of religious extremism.

the Ol'Buzzard 


  1. The Ukraine as it's configured today is well and truly screwed. No one in the West is going to go riding to their rescue -- it'll be a case of making some sympathetic noises and doing some token aid, but that's going to be it. The West didn't go to the rescue of Hungary or Czechoslovakia back during the Cold War; the West isn't going to do anything substantive about Ukraine now. Eventually Putin will get what he wants (the eastern part of Ukraine, the part he needs for a land bridge to Crimea) and that will be that. The only question at this point is how long it's going to take before the Ukrainian government figures out no one is coming from outside to stop the Russians.

  2. We are probably getting more real news here in Europe because this peripherally affects us...again, I think Western (NATO/EU) meddling gave Putin the justification he needed for his power play. A few years ago, Putin offered part of the Ukraine to Poland if they would cooperate. Even here, though, real time coverage of what is happening is almost non existent.

  3. The Canadian media gives this conflict a lot of coverage. Because of our large Ukrainian population, Canada and Ukraine have a close relationship. People are very upset here by Russia's actions.


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