Saturday, January 24, 2015


Country songs are suppose to be the property of the southern redneck - tea party supporters - not northern liberals.   This is driving them crazy:

the Ol'Buzzard 


  1. I just realized something, you're from Maine, that makes you a Yankee!
    I'm from the west coast, the Yankee/southern 'thing' is something that was covered in history back when I was in school.

    From time to time on the internet I run into serious feelings about the Yankee/Southern history and it's hard for me to .... accept? Understand? Grok?

    I realize you're using the word 'southern' (here) as a political thing having to do with the Tea party & the other supporters of corporations & the super rich but I do find it amusing that Lincoln was the first Republican and his election started the 'Northern War of Aggression'.
    When I first heard the Civil War called that (on the internet) I asked... boy did I get an earful!

    I read someone from the Ukraine area bad mouthing the Mongols & I said "what"? Then I read about the 'why' for some of the crap that went down in the Bosnia area & I said "what"? That is all ANCIENT history!
    Then came the "War of Northern Aggression" & another celebrating Sherman's march to Atlanta. Again I said "what"?

    My kids read about the American involvement in SE Asia right after WW2/Korea. That was a different unit than the Civil War and they may or maynot have even talked about the Mongols going into Europe or what came after up to WW1.

    I sat at caucus here in WA and said that I thought H. Clinton had more balls than Obama, I was alone in that belief.
    Two elections later and zero major changes I realize I was being entertained, distracted even by whoever is actually running things.

    The big bucks are still going where they went but that song is a pleasant distraction!

    1. Times change and politics change. I was raised in Mississippi. Up until the mid a1950's the south was Democratic. When integration was accepted in the Democratic Platform, proposed by Johnson (then a Senator) the southern states walked out. The Dixiecrat Party was formed and ran Strom Thurman for President. When they lost there was a mass migration from the Southern Democratic Party to Republican. For all practical purposes the parties switched. The south, for a large part, is hard headed Christian ignorant - I know. I lived there.
      It is a shame - the people are great and the food can't be beat.

  2. I thought it was Harper Valley NRA.......

  3. Why do Republicans need to be driven to someplace they already are? :)


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