Monday, December 26, 2011


Instead of making bull shit resolutions that, we all know, I are not going to keep; on some of my blogs I am going to include things that bug the hell out of me - and that I would like to see change in 2012.   I am going to call it:


Sunday morning I went into the local Hannaford grocery store to pick up some salad makings and a bottle of wine.   I got to the checkout and the young cashier told me I couldn’t buy wine before twelve-o-clock (noon.) 

 “Why not?”  I asked.

“Because it’s the law,” she replied.   

Now, it didn’t take me but a moment to reason that Christian church services run until noon on Sundays.   If the law stated that all Christians could not buy wine until after noon on Sundays – I would have no problem with that.   But, I am not a Christian, so why the hell shouldn’t I be able to purchase wine on Sunday morning?   Hell, the Catholics and Episcopalians are drinking wine in church on Sunday mornings – but I am not allowed the same freedom to access a good bottle of red.


The Ol’Buzzard 


  1. It really does suck. You can't buy alcohol at all here on a Sunday anywhere anytime.

  2. that law never made sense..nor did the blue laws in texas you couldn't buy nylons on Sunday..??? wtf?

  3. Old Buzzard,
    You are in Maine - I am in Indiana. No package booze on Sunday - unless I drive twenty miles out to the BX at Harrison Village - the old Ft Harrison. They kept the BX/Commissary open (actually built a new one) and because that is federal property they can sell beer, wine, and liquor on Sunday to active duty and retirees.
    I will admit to a trip or two out there.
    The strange thing is that you can go to Hooters,
    Chile's, McGilvery's, or any other bar and have a drink.
    I have never agreed with "blue laws" - You don't want to buy booze on Sunday; then don't.
    But don't impose your religious beliefs on me.

    Once I move to Evansville I will have to get my
    booze on Saturday - Ft Campbell is ninety miles away! Fuck.


  4. Can people buy guns on Sunday?

  5. Yep, same bullshit law here. So much for separation of government and religion.

  6. Same here, but in GA there were no Sunday sales. The big deal this past year in GA has been about whether or not local governments can put the issue of Sunday sales on the ballot so the people can vote on it. Some places in GA are totally dry and in others you can have booze in restaurants on Sunday.

  7. God created grapes, Man created wine.
    Thank God for the grapes and thank Man for the wine, but for God's sake let him drink it.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."