Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hey candidate
you show me good time
I got vote for sale.

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer is crying like a baby that she was not selected as a delegate to the Republican convention.    Is she really such a staunch supporter of Cruz that she is upset she cannot carry water for him?  

The real dirty little secret is that delegates to the conventions are on an all-expense paid vacation.   First class travel, put up at the best hotels and eating at the best restaurants.  When they arrive they receive a ‘swag bag’ of goodies worth hundreds of dollars; then representatives of the candidates visit them with ‘gifts and even money for expenses in order to sway their vote.   If the convention is contested the ‘incentives’ can get really expensive.   Delegate whores have even been known to come away with cruise tickets and golf club memberships.

This is why the people who know and the people with connections compete for the position of convention delegate.  It is far more than loyalty to the candidate and party.

Like the Electoral College, the convention delegates, assigned by the party, are the establishment’s attempt to put a thumb on the scale of elections; to be able to counter the popular vote.

Just an observation.
I could be wrong.
Perhaps it is all about Patriotism and the Nation.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Yeah, they sound like the whores that they are.

  2. fuckme now I'll never be able to go to sleep

  3. I must confess that I didn't really understand this delegate nonsense until the last couple of elections. When I first became aware of the "super delegates" in 2008 I thought that circumvented the popular vote. Now as I begin to understand the "republican process" I am convinced that the whole thing is nothing more that good theater and the reality is-We the People no long have any real Voice.

  4. It's all about the benefits. Or just money.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."