Friday, May 22, 2015


Let me preface this by saying that I love my wife.   But even after thirty-five years I am still at a loss to the mysterious workings of her female mind.  

I have a big comfortable chair that I sit in to read.   Behind that chair is a large, three bulb, bright pole lamp – I prefer a bright light when I am reading.    

My wife likes to read on the couch, and she has a much more attractive pole lamp she reads by: this lamp is not as bright which is her preference.

My light is old and has needed rewiring since I bought it used fifteen years ago.    I finally decided to take the lamp up to my possible room – man cave – den, writing room, junk room…   and take it apart to rewire.  In the meantime I brought down the pole lamp that I use next to my computer and desk.   

My wife doesn't like this light - it’s ugly – and it is too bright; but I like a bright light and I don’t mind the switch.  

When I get the light downstairs my wife absolutely insist that I place it beside the couch for her to use and move her light over by my chair.   

I complain loud and long that her light is not bright enough for my liking; but the dye is cast, and even though I constantly grumble and complain I have to read by the damn dull light.   Meanwhile the light that I brought downstairs – the one she can’t stand – is placed by the couch and she has to aim it toward the bookcase because she says it is too bright????

I have to admit that I don’t understand this mysterious female logic; but after two week of reading misery I finally got hot and rewired the old pole light, brought it downstairs and placed it by my chair and moved her light back by the couch.    She is perfectly satisfied with this arrangement. 

I have pondered and pondered her female thought process in this matter and am at a loss.   It couldn't possibly be that this whole light-switching was to motivate me to get the old lamp rewired, could it?    Are women that wily?

I feel like I have been played.
the Ol’Buzzard


  1. Sounds like you should have left her the very bright light.

  2. AAahahahaahahaaaa! I just have to laugh and laugh.
    It's called reverse psychology dude. She has probably used it several times on you without your knowing. Women are really good at it and men have no idea they are being manipulated until it's too late.

  3. We can say a lot by not saying anything.

  4. Yes, you've been played like a violin, Ol' Buzzard!

  5. As the story goes "How many lanes, two or four?"

  6. oh are so screwed...she is not only smarter than you, she's sneaky and devious..which I admire in a woman.

  7. Women are always paying attention. It's a survival tactic.


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