Saturday, May 2, 2015


On the way to dump our garbage this morning I was listening to the local oldies rock station and heard this song.  

Remember when you had to wait for a letter from a love one: a girl friend or boy friend?   Or perhaps you don't.

But back in the olden days:

the Ol'Buzzard

While today: 

How fucking impersonal. 


  1. also...Elvis's return to sender..

  2. Yep. I got a Dear John when I was in basic training...way, way, way back yonder. It took the letter a week to get to me. By that time, while it was new and upsetting to me, she was long over it...with a new boy friend.

    In this case, neither method (snail mail vs instant communication) would have made any difference. I got over it...I still had my rifle...and my gun.

  3. By the way, this case, it was Heartbreak Hotel time.

  4. Yes, I remember waiting for weekly letters from my love while I was in another city studying at university. Couldn't afford to phone. Found out later she was cheating on me the entire time I was gone, LOL. Bitch.

  5. I was in the Arctic and wrote at least weekly to my fiancee in Saskatchewan. We would telephone once a month to the tune of $50 when it was real money. I like impersonal. Email to Ukraine. Reply in under five minutes! Tanya and I courted in 2005 by email. she in Russian, I in English and we used on line translators. MY kids said it must have made me sound more intelligent than I really was.


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