Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Woke up this morning – three- o clock – the headache I had been dodging all day finally caught up with me.

 Take a BC powder and come back strong.

I am a winter person; I love the winter with snow storms, cold that nips at unexposed skin, winds that howl and white outs that obscure the landscape.   I am in my element on snow shoes, or even snow blowing my driveway and clearing my roof.   I love the warmth and glow of a woodstove.   The winter is invigorating, and reminds me like no other time that I are alive.
Having said that I am becoming melancholy for spring.   After weeks of temperatures in the single number and teens with nights dropping to zero or below, the last few days have been sunny with temps reaching forties – today fifty.   We still have three feet of snow cover and after living in Maine for many years I know this is just a tease; but I am ready for winter to be over.

Like the winter, I don’t mind the nights.   It is a quiet time – an alone time – a time when the world is asleep and you have it to yourself – a few lone people populating a sleeping world.
The headache is thankfully subsiding: or at least I have focused on something else. 

The Midnight Rider

The Ol’Buzzard


  1. I've always said that winter would be the most popular season of all if it only lasted a month. The problem with winter is that it overstays its welcome. By a long shot.

  2. I can't complain about our weather we had 4-5 days of ice..snow that lasted 6 hours..lots and lots of rain..weird weather as it's 29 degrees one day, the next 59, the next 39 the next 70 the next 60 the next two days alike..weird..

  3. I am so glad that in my part of Texas, we are having spring-like weather. We will have a wet spring and summer I am told. Lots of moisture coming up from the Gulf because of El Nino. It's about that time for another flood out here.


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