Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Woke up this morning, a blue moon in my eyes:  headache – BC Powder – writing a blog post.  

Finally, shake the headache and get the munchies.  

I once knew a man in Newfoundland that wouldn't eat bought bread; he called it baker’s fog.    I understand his prejudice: there is nothing like a slice of crisply toasted homemade bread slathered in butter.

My wife and I have been making bread in a bread maker since the mid 1980’s.   We still buy ‘baker’s fog’ on occasion; but our preference is for our own homemade bread.
Here is our favorite recipe:

One cup of milk – warm or room temperature
One half cup of water
Three cups of all-purpose flour
One cup of stone-ground wheat flour
One and a half teaspoons of salt
Two teaspoons of sugar
Two tablespoons of butter
One teaspoon of yeast
Pretty simple…

For those that haven’t made bread in a bread machine:
After the mixing begins check the bread pan – if ingredients are not forming a ball add one table spoon of water.   Wait two minutes and check again: add another tablespoon of water if needed (careful - the tendency is to add too much water and the dough becomes sticky.)

So this morning it is a cup of strong sweet tea and homemade toast - well done (if it is brown it is cooking if it is black it is done)- slathered in I Can’t Believe It Is Not Butter. 

Have a Good Morning:

the Ol’Buzzard 


  1. I can't eat store-bought bread - yuk! - but I do patronize the bakery that's across the street from campus for all the baked goods I don't make myself. It might be too dangerous for me to have a bread machine and the capability to produce loaves at will, though.

    Hope the brain pain stays away & you have a good rest of the day!

  2. I think I'll get my bread machine down and try 'Buzzard's bread', it looks good. What setting do you use on the machine?

  3. I make bread for the multitudes..Thom and Candy got me a breadmaker and I made him get me something else..I kept asking where to do the other loaves bake? my favorite recipe makes 4 for me one for Barbara and one for each of the grands..but I wanted to try out a new banana bread pudding yesterday and couldn't find a loaf of french bread in made my own..less than an hour now I'm fixing to pour milk, eggs mushed banana's sugar cinnamon nutmeg and raisins and bake it..hope it turns out good..I've promised half the town of west some.

  4. I hate it when everyone talks food. I'm trying to diet here, y'all.

  5. I love that song! But I've only ever heard it as the theme song to "The Sopranos" so it's great to hear what I presume is the original recording of it. Thanks!


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