Monday, July 30, 2012



Recently on Squatlo-Rant there was a post concerning spam comments that seem to be piling up in the spam cache of his blogs.   From other peoples inputs on the post it seems that most bloggers are having the same problem.   I checked my own spam cache for the first time and found that anonymous absolutely loved my post and that anonymous has a web address that is a loan company.  

After deleting the crap I went back and looked at the image Squalo had imbedded in his post, and the resulted was a mental road trip back through my childhood.

I LOVE SPAM, but my wife won’t let me eat it.   She is convinced that it is made from crap parts of meat that is not healthy.    I don’t care: I STILL LOVE SPAM. 

I remember my grandmother making eggs over easy, fried Spam, grits and fried toast (Wonder Bread) for me on Saturday mornings.   I remember eating fried Spam sandwiches (fried Spam between two pieces of Wonder Bread spread thick with mayonnaise – yum yum.)   

And just so you know: I believe anything you eat can be improved with mayonnaise – however I haven’t been able to convince my wife that mayonnaise belongs in the bedroom

Does anyone remember Prem?  It looked like Spam but had a different consistency and taste sweet (like maple cured ham.)  

Anyway, Spam has taken a bad rap.   It has now been linked with junk mail.   It is bad enough that in this country Spam as food is looked on with contempt, now it also carries the image of fakery and conceit.    We should change the name of these robo-created, unwanted internet intrusions.

There are so many other names we could attach that would be apropos.  We could call them: Citizens United Communiqués; Job Creating Observations; Corporations are People Too Inputs; Chamber of Commerce Comments; Commentary Privatization…

Oh well, my wife is calling me to breakfast.  She has made Oatmeal – yum yum. 

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I think Spam is one of those products the survivalists recommend because it stays fresh in the can for decades or something, which is an indictment in and of itself.

    I can't hear the word without hearing the Monty Python Spam sketch...
    "But I don't like Spam!"
    "Spam spam spam spam spam spam..."

  2. I've heard Spam (the Hormel product, not the junk email) is really popular in Hawai'i.

    I personally have fond memories of a macaroni, Velveeta (another thoroughly processed food product), and Spam casserole. The recipe used to be a standard on Creamettes boxes.

  3. How about "Treet" a Spam-like product by another company??

    Hawaiians eat more Spam per capita than anywhere else in the world. I guess when they stopped eating "long pig" they had to substitute something??

  4. I remember Spam as a kid but haven't eaten it in years. What difference does it make what it is made of? I should look in our local supermarket to see if there is an equivalent, just for fun.

  5. I forgot about Spam, like I had about most "meat treats" in a can, but now thanks to u my man I remember again! ...Pop1

  6. Oh hell yes. My grandmother did the same thing...fried eggs, grits and spam.

    When I was about 11 or 12 I got interested in everything American Indian, and especially the Plains Indians. I read eall I could find about them. I would slice up Spam, fry it over a fire on a stick in the backyard (when nobody was home) and pretend that it was that great indian delicacy...buffalo tongue. Damn fine product!


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