Saturday, February 9, 2019


Old men can’t help but talk about the weather – it seems to be part of the aging process.

Wednesday night we had a mixture of snow and sleet turning into rain Thursday morning, with temps at 34 degrees – just above freezing.   

Friday temperatures reached 49 degrees and sunny in the afternoon.  

This morning (Saturday) the temperature is 9 degrees with winds at 20 mph. gusting to 40.   

We have a major snow storm predicted for Tuesday

I love a snowy winter; but this sucks:  

We have ice banks (frozen snow) three feet high lining our road  and the surface of the road is solid ice. 

Whatever deity is controlling the weather is an ice-hole.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Same crap is happening here. Subzero one day, freezing rain the next, and then back to blowing snow and high winds. We expect freezing rain in the fall, like early November, but we never used to get it repeatedly throughout the winter. We're having Missouri weather this year, and I do not like it.

  2. Ice is worse than anything else in the winter time. We are still stuck in the polar vortex here until Wednesday, when it will finally warm up to regular seasonal temperatures. Can hardly wait until it's "only" -15C again. It will feel like bikini weather!

  3. We had another horrendous blast yesterday. Fierce winds causing white-outs. Roads closed in some areas. This morning is calm and the sun was seen. Oh wait, I just looked out the window. It's snowing. -Jenn

  4. Yeah, it's cold here in Texas too. David refuses to get any outdoor chores done if the cold is anywhere below 50 degrees. Right now it's somewhere around 37. If I didn't have such a screwed up body and immune system I'd be out there, I'm a Nordic lass at heart, just don't have the youth anymore. *heavy sigh*

  5. Temps are going up and down like a toilet seat. I don't mind the up, it's the downs I can't stand. -25C at night 2 weeks ago the suddenly 9C, ridiculous, it shouldn't be allowed.

  6. I am grateful we haven't warmed up enough for rain! Nothing worse in the middle of a cold winter.

  7. Warmed up to -17C, enough to snow again. supposed to warm up in the next few days. I hope. So do the cows, I expect.

  8. Hello from Idaho stop in from Professor. It got up to 22 in North Idaho and hope you have time stop in for a cup of coffee


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