Thursday, February 16, 2017


Snow ended early this morning.  That should be all of it for a few days.   The weather report shows  next week with just a few flurries and temps near forty over the weekend.   All total, out of these back to back storms we probably got well over two feet.

A good three feet of snow pack with deeper drifts.

The wind keeps the west side of our house  somewhat clear.

We went into town Tuesday morning before the storm and stopped by the health food store for local eggs and butter, and found that summer garden seeds were on display.  Actually that is the first sign of spring, and it's kind of positive, with all the crap that is going on politically. to see something that indicates that life is still going on as usual.  

2016 was a hectic year for us: my wife diagnosed with breast cancer - her surgery, and back-and-forth trips for radiation treatment and check ups.  She is cancer free now and I want this summer to be a stress free time we can spend with each other and do the simple things we enjoy together. 

Solstice is thirty-two days away.  I don't know if  the snow will be gone and we will be able to dance naked in the back yard to celebrate the change of season - we may need snow shoes.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Dancing naked in snow shoes -- my, that conjures up quite a picture!

  2. I agree with Debra. I don't know if that's good or bad. AAHAHAHAAAA!!

  3. I continue to give the goddess something shiny for your wife..give her my love.


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