Monday, February 15, 2016


The military has taken delivery of 100 new F-35's.   This latest military boondockle, at $300,000,000 per aircraft, and a total overall cost, including maintaining each aircraft over its life time, is  estimated to be two-trillion dollars,    This weapons system alone will demand a great increase military budgeting.  
A list of America’s major wars, not counting all the conflict with American Natives that continued sporadically through the late 1800’s, shows that the natural state of the United States is war; with the time between allowing for improving weaponry, rearming and growing a new generation of cannon fodder.

A listing of our major wars is self-explanatory:
1675-1678: King Philips War
1689-1697: King Williams War
1702-1713: Queen Ann’s War
1744-1748: King George’s War
1756-1763: French and Indian War
1775-1783: American Revolution
1798-1800: Franco American War
1800-1815: Barbary Coast Wars
1812-1815: War of 1812
1846-1848: Mexican American War
1861-1865: Civil War
1898: Spanish American War
1914-11918: World War One
1939-1945: World War Two
1950-1953: Korean War
1960-1975: Vietnam War
1990-1991: Persian Gulf War
2001-xxxx: Invasion of Afghanistan
2003-xxxx: Invasion of Iraq
2015-xxx: ISIS

The longest times we have gone between a major war is thirty-three years, just after the Civil war, during which time we were still annihilating the Indian nations.

About the time of the First World War it became evident that war was extremely profitable.    The United States built planes, tanks, vehicles and arms at an astounding rate.   Manufacturing firms were over loaded with demands for war supplies.  

After the World War One the United States decided to improve its military weaponry.  The government begun funding research to improve tanks, military aircraft, guns and munitions.  People working in the military industrial complex were prideful of their patriotic employment.  

Barely twenty years later we were back in a major World War.   The military industrial complex fired up production and the whole nation supported the resulting recession as funds were diverted to war: both the cost of war and the hardware necessary to conduct it. 

It is easy to see that regular people have very little to say about the course of the Nation.  Congress either does nothing, or enacts laws contrary to the ideals of the majority.     This is because Congress is bought and paid for by ‘business leaders’ and companies, many that make their fortunes from America’s obsession with all things military. 

Do you actually think that General Dynamics cared that the tanks the US furnished the Iraqi army were abandon and turned over to ISIS, requiring new tanks be purchased to rearm the Iraqis?   The same for the guns and weapons and vehicles left for ISIS, requiring rearmament of the ‘new’ Iraqi army.  

Do you think munitions manufacturers are sorry that a bombing campaign is going on in Syria; or that the war has stretched on in Afghanistan and Iraq for 14 years?

I remember ‘the joke’ in Vietnam: you can tell the North Vietnamese from the South Vietnamese army because the North only have fifty-percent American made weapons

War expenditures are the grease that oils the economy.   Nearly every manufacturing job depends heavily on military contracts.   Except for Bush’s tax cuts and deregulation of the banking industry this country would be in an economic war boom.  

From small businesses making circuit boards to major companies turning out complex aircraft, war business is booming.  

Unfortunately, the profits stay with investors and dont trickle down.   

So let’s not fool ourselves, we are a Nation of War - a Nation of perpetual War.   War is the natural state of the state of this Union, and our whole American economy rest with the military industrial complex.

War is the economic base of this country; this is why we spend more on military than the next eight largest militarized countries combined - and why we justify the United States as the police for the world.


 Citizens meet your newest jobs program: M1A2 SEP V1 tank from General Dynamics.

 General Dynamics says this new 395 million dollar contract will support 282 industries.   

Economy thy name is Tank.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. This is true of world history as a whole. War is always how wealth and power have been obtained. War and its progeny -- oppression and exploitation.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."