Saturday, February 13, 2016



The Prime Minister of Israel publicly disses our President.   Israel refuses to compromise in its dealings with the Palestinians in a peaceful two state solution.

This is an article copied from The Middle East Monitor:

According to a correspondent on political affairs at Haaretz, senior officials within the Obama administration recently confirmed speculations that Israel receives more than 50 per cent of the aid given by the US globally each year. In fact, the majority of the US aid given to Israel was so that the Israel could defend itself against the Iranian nuclear threat, which has since diminished after the nuclear deal was signed. And yet, as a result of this deal, a serious discussion has begun between the two sides: the US and Israel. Israeli Minister of Defence Moshe Ya’alon placed Israel’s demands on the table in Washington and the ball is new in America’s court as Israel is currently fearful of the US changing its preference from offensive weapons to defensive ones.   

Fifty percent of our foreign aid goes to Israel - who knew?    Notice the part about Israel's demands.

According to an article published by the US-based publication the Christian Science Monitor in 2002, Israel had cost the United States more than $1.6 trillion since 1973, which means that every US citizen had paid $5,700 to Israel according to the US’s population. According to economic specialist Thomas Stover, who is currently based in Washington, the total cost of US military and economic support embodied in the figure mentioned above is more than double the cost of the Vietnam War. It is well known that Stover has angered many Jews over the last few decades due to his research on the Middle East conflict.

Now Netanyahu says he may not meet with the US President until after the next election.  

This pisses me off.   We have failing infrastructure here in the US, we have an outmoded rail system, our deficit is through the roof, Congress squabbles over funding social programs, and we are pumping money into Israel without so much as a thank you.   

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  1. I say leave them to their own devices. Cut em loose and see who they come running to.

  2. Amen to the leave them to their own devices. If we'd stop propping them up, they'd be forced to deal with the Palestinians and come up with a peaceful solution. As it is, we're subsidizing ethnic cleansing and genocide.

  3. we pay them and they have universal health care..fuckem..keep the money and give us single payer health care.


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