Sunday, August 31, 2014


At the insistence of my wife, who must have been tired of hearing me moan and grown about the glitches and crashes occurring whenever I am on line,  I have bought a new HP Pavilion desk top to replace my ten year old slide rule equivalent of a laptop computer (if you are old enough you will know what a slide rule is.)  

Long story short: I will probably be off line while I wander helplessly through the jungle of Windows 8.1.      I feel comfortable with manuals, but electronics no longer comes with manuals...
So I will be navigating off the southern cross while electronic piranhas wait for me to ford the streams I am sure I must cross.  

If I am lost to wander forever in the morass of aps and windows, or fall victim to a techo-tiger - think of me fondly.

the Ol'Buzzard


  1. Let us know how you make out with Windows 8.1. I found working from the "Desktop" and not from the square tiles was easier to grasp.

  2. My friend uses Windows 8 and loves it. He works from the Desktop also, using the mouse, as in Windows 7. Office 2013 (recent upgrade from 2003) is making me nuts. Frankly XP and 2003 could have lasted me the erst of my life but one has to keep up with others in order to communicate, I guess.

  3. if you are old enough you will know what a slide rule is.
    I remember what a "slip stick" is and have a faint memory of seeing one in my collection of junk some years back.

    As for the confuser programs, I haven't a clue. I manage to muddle along with my Windows 7 laptop. Now I'm trying to figure out how to work the cheap tablet I bought. It has an Android OS and at times is frustrating, like when it keeps telling me there is no internet connection when the Wifi is on. But hey, I managed to download Angry Birds to it!!


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