Monday, June 23, 2014


Christopher Moors has a new book out.

Serpent of Venice is a parody of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.   The main character is Pocket the Fool who first appeared as the jester telling the story of King Leer in the book Fool.

If you like a swashbuckling story with pirates, dungeons, dragons, mermaid sex, love, betrayal, poisoning, knife fights, transgender, racism and generally all around chaos - you will enjoy The Serpent of Venice.  

If nothing else you can catch up on Pocket's middle-English insults: "Toadies, bloody toss bobbin, lusty fuck bubble, mutts nuts, dog's bullocks, inbred syphilitic, up the bum, dog snoggins, enormous twit, awesome twattiness, bullix, tosser, walley, lick-spittle, catch-farts, slag, hag, bum-sniper, fuckstookings, great blazing flagon of dragon wank...."

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the Ol'Buzzard

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  1. Hey, that sounds like my type of book -- think I'll check it out!


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