Friday, November 15, 2013


This afternoon I drove into McDonald’s drive-through to buy a coffee - I don’t drink coffee; but my wife likes one occasionally and she says McDonald’s has the best.   The young man at the window asked me if I would like to donate a dollar to McDonald’s charities.   This got me thinking:

When McDonald’s collects money for their charities do they get a tax deduction when they donate or use that money for charity?    Are they using our donations for a tax deduction?

I’m just curious.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. I haven't said anything in awhile so here goes. You got a wonderful blog and I enjoy it very much. I really appreciate your common sense. Thank you.

  2. I have no idea and I have never gotten a cup of coffee there. I never get coffee out, it's much cheaper to make it at home.

  3. Yes, I would think that McDonalds will get a tax receipt for its lump-sum charitable donation made with our money, and use it to offset whatever corporate tax they pay. And of course the donation is made to its own (but legally separate) charitable foundation. So all very circular and incestuous really. But the main point is -- they're using OUR money, not theirs and in essence profiting twice from it. That's why I never donate to self-run corporate charities -- let them use their own damn money to do good in the world from all the profits they make, if they are really so concerned about the unfortunate. Yeah. Precisely.

  4. With what I've been hearing lately about McDonald's lately the employees should start their own charitable collection for themselves!!


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