Saturday, December 8, 2012

to everyone who left a comment about my computer complaints: thanks.  
Perhaps it is time I replaced this machine.  
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I need a powerful machine to do what I like to do with computers...I admit, I am into high end graphic stuff and I have learned to think Mac Logic...So, I ended up buying a brand new imac...but when I look at what's available out there and the money you would spend to keep an old machine alive and barely functioning...go for it. You could have the computer of your dreams for under 400 bucks and you could get something very good for much less...good luck, my man!

  2. I have an old confuser that I have been trying to resurrect for several years now off and on. We were told the hard drive died, so I got another hard drive. It didn't have an operating system, so I thought I'd use Linux. Got a book from the library with a DVD for installing Linux, but the machine only had a CD drive and wouldn't read the DVD. Found a book with CDs on Linux at Goodwill and still couldn't get it loaded. Had a trouble code about the power supply, so got a new one. Still nothing. Now my brother gave me his old confuser with a bad motherboard so maybe I can rob parts from it. Will be trying to get the old confuser working again.

  3. One major piece of advice...never buy any thing from HP! The absolute worst customer support on the planet, all their crap is jast that, crap anyway! I bought a new HP Printer/scanner 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble as all of the shoddy components self destructed on after another, meanwhile the only communication from HP was more marketing emails to sell me ink at prices far above what anyone who bothered to look on line should expect! I have written about them before, I just placed an oprder for a new Epson printer as this HP let me down one too many, one last time and now I am gonna make HP pay me to stop badmouthing them! On the other hand, my first printer was an Epson, it lasted for 8 years including being shipped to France in my suitcase...then I accidently dropped a very ugly lamp on it and tragically broke the sucker.


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