Sunday, April 15, 2012


There was a discussion on Up with Chris Hayes Saturday morning on gun control.   A reporter that attended the recent NRA convention in St Louis commented that most of those in attendance were old white men; and from conversations he overheard the consistent theme seemed to be that these men needed to be armed because at some time in the future they would have to defend themselves from some imaginary threat.   The liberal consensus on the program seemed to be that the people at the convention were afraid of the rise of minorities and saw that as a threat to their way of life. 

I don’t necessarily agree with that.   I have known many men who rode around with NRA stickers on the back window of their trucks.   None of them were afraid – but all of them entertained a fantasy of Armageddon: a time of a breakdown of law and order when they could emerge, regardless of their age or lack of physical prowess, with their guns blazing to become the hero and powerful leaders of their imagination.  In this scenario they all see themselves as the gun slinger that young girls would cling to (note: in their fantasies they do not liberate the old ladies in the rest home, but the young girls in the college dorms.)

Many of the people that go into police work are of the same ilk.   In high school  they were the prey of the alphas and as marginal students were lost in the back of the room; but with a badge of authority and a gun on their hip they achieve the longed for identity of macho.  The permission to carry a gun and the authority to shoot transforms the sexually insecure male into an alpha want-to-be.

Now, here we intersect with the Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground Law.   Thousands of would-be alphas are walking around armed looking for a chance to live out their fantasy of being feared and admired because of their ability and readiness to kill with a firearm. 

In the old 1950 novel Battleground when a recruit would call his rifle a gun the DI would make him grab his crotch with his left hand and hold out his rifle with his right hand and repeat “This is my rifle and this is my gun – this is for fighting and this is for fun.”  I truly believe that gun mania is a substitute for lack of sexual prowess.

In the military I was on the station pistol team and qualified to compete at All Navy competition, but could not attend because of deployment schedule.  I was awarded both expert rifle and expert pistol ribbons.   I do not have a concealed carry license and do not need one.  I know the difference between my rifle and my gun and don’t need to carry one to compensate for the other. 

the Ol-Buzzard


  1. Ol Buzzard,
    I agree. I three shotguns and two rifles - and they are for hunting - Not some macho-man madness. Now, I will not lie - the city I am moving back to in Evansville, In has a serious
    crime problem fueled by meth - I may buy a handgun, and get a permit to carry it.
    I quit the NRA years and years ago over their opposition to a ban on assault weapons - As I have often stated, "What can you hunt with a AK-47"? Well for that matter a Glock 9mm with a banana clip like used in the shooting of Rep
    Giffords in Arizona.
    Did you notice - Not a Democrat spoke at the convention in STL?

    Good post!


  2. You're old if you can remember a time when the NRA was sane. I remember when they were all about gun safety and responsible hunting. Now they are advocating that you stockpile as many weapons as you can to defend yourself against some breakdown in civilization and hordes of looters will come to take all your stuff. They are also pushing for laws to allow people to buy and possess all kinds of weapons(and the right to carry and use them wherever they want) up to and including small tactical nukes!!

    The thing that has me scratching my ass is the NRA's theory of this grand conspiracy of Obama's to come after your guns and ammo even tho he has loosened gun laws and regulations like allowing guns in National Parks. Because he hasn't done it yet is proof he intends to come after your guns if he's re-elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????

  3. The fact is, that goddamn gun is not going to save your ass, and in fact most likely will get turned against you. There is more of a chance that an innocent bystander will get shot in a confrontation between you and a "bad" guy. We males in this country are still living with the John Wayne, Dodge City view of the world. It is bullshit, and as you stated, simply an extension of one's penis.

    Hand guns and automatic rifles are made for one purpose only...killing other human beings.

    As to Obama's so-called gun confiscation of our beloved guns...why would he wait to do it? Total cretin delusion. We have gone absolutely fucking crazy with shit such as "stand your ground" legislation. JesusfuckingChrist.

  4. Guns are as common and everyday here as cars. Everyone I know has a gun in the glove box and another in their nightstand. Occasionally I even think of getting one because of the speed freaks. I think Oklahoma has one of those laws like Florida's. You know, the one where you can shoot anyone you want because you feel threatened. Actually, I don't think it's that bad here but it is very legal to kill intruders into your house.
    The whole thing has gotten insane and I don't know if I'm being brainwashed into wanting a gun or if I actually may need one. That's crazy.

  5. How many people are sitting in a prison cell today because they intoduced a gun into an altercation vs backing away?
    Some will say, how many people are in a box in a hole becase they didn't have a gun to protect themselves? That is one hard nut to crack.
    As far as home defense - I don't have a nine MM on the night-stand or a 00 round in my REmington 1100. If you feel that yo might need to pack a gun - First change your playgrounds and playmates.
    As I stated above - "If", I think the situation requires, I will get a handgun. Now, that will require something serious happening to do that.
    I recommend getting ADT installed and buying a dog before purchasing some artillary.
    Don't open your doors to strangers. Do not visit ATMs - used debit cards, park in well lighted areas, avoid trips after dark, and get to know yor neighbors.
    I formed the Community Watch thing here at Bayhead Village and like George Zimmerman, I am a Captain. But, I am not out prowling around and stalking people like that creep did.
    And, no guns. Community Watch people report and avoid confrontation. I call IMPD and I will have unit on site within a few minutes.
    Of course, know this - there is not a sound that can cause a hoodlums testicles to srivel to the size of peanuts that that of a 12 guage round being chambered. "CLACK"...

    Oh, we have IMPD patrols (off duty) at night - a live on site Marion Co Deputy Sheriff, and cops all over the neighborhood. Where I am moving they have 2 city cops, two
    sheriffs officers and a trooper - who get reduced rent for doing security.


  6. I think they saw Red Dawn to many times.

  7. You're absolutely right that gun toting isn't a sign of fear but one of aggression. Unfortunately, going after the NRA is about as likely of success as would be taking on AIPAC.

  8. The rest of the world has simply no comprehension of the American attitude towards guns. There are a lot fewer in boxes because they didn't have a gun than people think but the statistics to confirm are not available.
    The gun may simply be a penis extender but I disagree about the white males not being frightened. They are scared spitless. Their world is changing and they ain't in charge anymore and they know it. Hence the war on women, gays, immigrants, Muslims and anyone else that doesn't know their place.


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."