Thursday, July 7, 2011


My last post was on vampires to honor the kick-off of the new True Blood season on HBO. In a comment from Blog Fodder he mentioned Ghost and Goulies, which I find another interesting subject. Christians have to believe in ghost – it’s part of the package – the Holy Ghost, Jesus resurrection… numerous accounts of ghost in the Bible and in the recounting of religious miracles.

To me, the idea of ghost is again the self-conceited idea that humans are not a link in the animal kingdom; but somehow a divine entity not linked to the evolutionary progression. That we have this soul that is immortal and beyond physical understanding; and therefore we can return from the dead by will or providence.

It also is understood that only WE can possess this soul – not dogs, cats, cockroaches, apes, birds… However, if some Civil War general wants to haunt the Vicksburg, Mississippi Confederate Battleground Park he is allowed to bring his ghost horse along to ride; and this specter is complete with saddle, uniform, sword, pistol and all the paraphernalia he carried in the war. I can’t take my cat, but the general can take his horse – that sucks.

This begs a question. Ok, let’s suppose that ghost can exist. You are born naked - clothing is a physical cultural addition – when you return as a ghost why do you have clothes? You should be naked. Is there a ghost wardrobe you can choose from? Are there ghost clothes? Are you stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in? The general can take his uniform and the beautiful girl ghost that haunts the bed and breakfast has taken with her a see-through nightgown. If a ghost takes his pants off does he have underwear? I’m just asking.


  1. Who says animals don't have souls? I keep reading it in places but no authoritative references. All life comes from God and all life returns to God. Human, dog, cat or horse should get the same treatment in my book.
    Good questions about ghosts though. They are usually seen wearing the appropriate apparel as you point out. Marley's came complete with chains.

  2. Blog Fodder: a lot of this folklore comes from your part of the world. It would be interesting to see you cover it in your blog. In the Alaska Eskimo villages (Russian Orthodox) deaths were handled with vigils in the home - quite different from the expoitive commercial death rituals of most of the US.

    If animals have souls, why do we eat them?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I think we all, us human and those cockroaches, all have the same soul, or whatever, when we leave our physicality. We'll all sentient beings and we'll all in this place together.

  4. Oh yeah, I don't eat animals personally, but since I eat plants I guess the question still stands. I don't really think eating animals is any worse than eating plants. I just don't care for meat. Plants seem to receive a lot more love and care than cows and chickens though, so we can at least say they had a good life.
    Maybe you could say that is the plant's purpose.
    Honestly, I've no idea.

  5. Linda, I wish I didn't eat animals - but I like meat.... However, I no longer hunt, so I am not personally killing wildlife.. for whatever difference that makes...just dont like killing..
    the Ol'Buzzard


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