Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Ok, I would really like to blog on something else, but with all the news programs obsessed with Anthony’s Weiner people aren’t paying attention to unimportant stuff like wars, the economy, global warming, radiation in Japan and the Republican’s drive to limit personal liberties.

I am constantly appalled by the prudishness of the American public.  It all boils down to the Christian notion that sex is dirty (original sin.)   I have had people tell me that I should read a certain book and that it’s a “clean book”; or that certain movies are “clean movies.” I feel like telling them that I’m a fucking adult and colorful language and adult sexuality doesn’t bother me.  The thing that bothers me is censorship: pixelation of nipples and sex organs and bleeping out so called dirty words when I am watching a movie on TV - that bugs the shit out of me and I usually end up changing the channel.

As long as America claims to be a Christian nation there is no hope for the population to ever mature to adulthood. We will constantly be obsessed with someone else’s sexual proclivities and feel that  moral judgments must be passed.

Bill Clinton got a blow job and the Republicans were outraged – what could be more American than a blow job in the oval office?   I applaud him.   It is nice to know that some of our presidents are not eunuch – that they enjoy adult sex.   Again, that should have been only between he and Hillary.

All normal adult males watch porn on the internet – and this includes priest and preachers; politicians and teachers (I can’t speak for females – they are not as sexually obsessed as we are – I don’t think.)   If Anthony Weiner has any explaining to do – it is only to his wife; it is really none of our business, and as long as no laws are broken Weiner should be able do with his wiener what ever he damn well pleases.

I can't really say if that is a picture of me - or not!
It may be Anthony Weiner
probably Andrew Breitbart - ya
 I need to hire a law firm that specializes is internet hacking to get to the bottom of this.


  1. Yea verily, brother...just five minutes ago I read a headline (I didn't bother with the asinine article) which read..."Weiner admission puts dems on defensive. Weiner now a political liability". WTF? The country is going down the shitter and this is a subject of debate?

    I would love to have George Carlin's take on this one. Pretty sure it would be,


  2. 70 hey? I'm smacking into 68 on the 30th. But I don't think that this year I'm going to get shit faced drunk at the Eagles and talk about my pocket pussy like I did last year.

    I had them in stitches all evening and someone even poured me into a cab and saved me the trouble of driving home, and paid for the cab.

    But from the cab to my bed I don't have a clue other than the clues point to the fact that I fell down a few times between the cab and my door.

    It's okay, no broken bones and nothing I couldn't put back together around here.

  3. Carlin's Seven Dirty Words are now down to Four.

    I agree with you on the censorship. One thing that gets me is that BBC America feels the need to censor shows that are from BBC. Whenever I've been able to view Canadian TV, I've enjoyed it because that don't censor as much. Probably because they don't have the religious hang-ups that this country has thanks in large part to the Puritans and perpetuated by modern Bible-Bangers!!

  4. Kulkuri: I agree. It all boils down to religious intolerance.
    the Ol'Buzzard


COMMENT: Ben Franklin said, "I imagine a man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false."