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Perhaps this is unfair to describe women from the point of view of a man, but that is what this writing is all about – my point of view.

To begin at the beginning we have to begin with women, for that’s where we came from. People, who try to look at our species as somehow separate from the rest of the animal kingdoms on this earth, have not really taken into account women. Women are the quintessential creatures of nature. Their lives are controlled by the rise and fall of the tides, the phases of the moon, and other mysterious physiological functions that we men will never understand.

Young women are a ball of fluctuating emotions and can go from elation to depression in a fraction of a moment, leaving men totally confused.

Let’s back up and look at it from the very basics. Males are the fertilizers, women are the life givers. In some species males extend their roll to protectors, and in some few cases even providers (though this is not necessarily a natural state for the male animal.)

Women are born with this need to procreate. Little girls play house. They play dolls and mommies and daddies. Finally in their late teens this need to procreate connects with their female development and turns into sexual urges. They don’t realize a conscious need to procreate, but are receptive to sexual overtures. They spend the majority of their conscious time concerned about their hair, their clothing, their body and in general, their attractiveness. With pure animal instinct, the young female Homo Sapien exudes sexuality that can drive young males wild. To females, sex is a way to connect with a partner – an attempt to establish a relationship. To males it’s all about sex. Sex is fun, and the more different partners – the more fun. The only reason young women don’t have more sex partners, is that most young men behave stupidly in response to the female’s sexual aura.

The proof of sexuality as animal instinct is child bearing. What sensible person in their right mind would go through childbirth; have their insides and orifice stretched to the point of tearing, and then turn around and go through it again. I have often heard women remark that if men had to have the babies the human race would end – and they are right. But women, being such natural creatures, continue to respond unconsciously to their instinct for procreation and do it again (and again, and again, and again.)

Women and men are totally different in their aggressive tendencies. By nature, women are not aggressive (catty - yes, physical - no.) . Women prefer to get along with each other and are rarely physically threatening. Generally, if women play games together they aren’t competitive games and they aren’t obsessed with winning. They seem more content with just being apart of the group. Women who claim to enjoy football and other contact sports are usually following the sport to impress males. Women watch sports as observers, men watch sports as vicarious participants. Women do not get the same adrenaline rush when a big lineman takes out the quarterback. If by themselves, women aren’t likely to view racing all day Saturday, watch football all day Sunday (leaving the TV only during commercials for a piss, a beer and more potato chips) and then stay up late on Monday night in anticipation of Monday Night Football. Whereas men like movies with violent physical attributes (fighting, sex, killings, sex, stabbings, sex, chases involving cars and motorcycles and sex) women prefer less violent viewing involving emotional situations with the insinuation of sex.

Everyone must admit that sex is the driving force that brings men and women together. Which brings us to the fact that one of the most devastating and fearful realities that all women must face is rape. Rape is abhorrent. There can be no other act as humiliating and debilitating as rape. Women’s natural role in sex is submissive. Men do it and women receive it. Even in the marital bed men often physically restrain their wives at the height of male climax. It is the civilization of society that protects the female.

Man’s propensity for war and rape (which are akin) is deeply implanted in the male’s arcane animal instinct. It is only in the past few centuries that rape has been condemned as the spoils of war. It is easy to see that our basic male instincts are contrary to societal norms. The example is easy: porn debases women; men love to watch porn; men want their wives and daughters to be respected (though they would love their wives to be slutty in bed

The booming population increase and the ability of mass communication have forced civilized socialization on the human male and have allowed women an equal voice in many societies. But, rape is still ignored in many third world countries; and, in some theocracies women are blamed and punished for being the victim of rape.

With the complete liberation of women, and women as a powerful voice in the community and home, we can reach a society where sexual violence against women is not acceptable and not tolerated. We are not there yet. We still have families in this country where women are abused by their husbands, and male children grow up allowing the more primitive instincts of their nature to control their actions.

This brings us to women in the work place. I’m not going to touch this one. Sorry girls, but in a combat situation I would prefer a man guarding my back than a woman.

A woman is not the same woman throughout her life. After menopause, women come into their prime. As older men become set in their ways and doddering, older women become the matriarch: the strength and stability of the race. Mature women see things in a humanitarian light that men are never quite able to achieve. Older women become nurturers and seem to have the ability to live life more fully than older men. Old men live in the past while older women live in the present. I think it is an obvious observation that men peak out at middle-age, but women continue to grow in confidence, ability and poise throughout the last half of their lives.

Our world would be a much more peaceful and humane place if older women were in charge.

There are women in the arts, women in the homes and women in the work places that have made valuable contributions and enrichments to human existence; and I love and respect my wife who is an intelligent and capable woman; but, I’m a male animal, and natures rolls for male and female animals are imprinted differently – these rolls run parallel but do not merge. I can only view and try to understand women through my male filters.

My observations of women have dealt mainly with sex and this is because most of my life I have viewed women mainly as sex objects. The fact that I haven’t viewed women with more depth of character is my short coming and my inability as a male, to understand the female animal.

Kindergarten teachers in a Yup'ik Eskimo village in southwest Alaska. 
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