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Emily Murphy's actions to obstruct the certification of the incoming Presidential team will result in the delay of implementation of a federal response to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.  If her obstruction results in the unnecessary death of a number of American citizens, should she be charged with murder?

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of garbage in social media about how we should all feel sorry for her because she's in such a tight spot because the states haven't certified election results yet. Well, states never certify immediately following an election so the regulations she's supposed to follow do not say she has to wait for that step to be complete. All GSA needs is sufficient evidence that it's clear who the winner is, i.e., unofficial results showing super wide margins (~14,000 votes ahead in Georgia, for example), and they can start the transition process. The woman is sucking up to a lame duck president whose only goal is to leave a mess for Biden. I sincerely hope she spends the rest of her unemployable.

  2. Unfortunately, Murphy is another suck up to Trump & Trumperism. What they all have in common is refusing to do the job the taxpayers pay them a salary to carry out & they have no problem with their delicate conscience when it comes to violating the oath of office they took. Emily Murphy has bllod on her hands like most of the silent GOP. The Dems need to supoenia her immediately and have her testify as to why she will not declare Biden the winner of the election so transfer of power can proceed. Murphy is denying the majority of Americans who elected Biden - not Trump. They are both unfit to hold their office.

  3. Yes! and Trump should be charged with negligent homicide for all the needless deaths from the virus.

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