Monday, July 24, 2017


Are these things cheap to grow?   Is there a glut of mangoes on the world market?   Is there a cartel of mango dealers?  

I think mangoes are being used as a filler like lettuce at Subway.  

We buy frozen mixed fruit that my wife adds to yogurt, and sprinkles of granola for her breakfast.  These bags of fruit contain strawberries, peaches, pineapple, blueberries and a ton of mangoes.  

Since when did mangoes become the go to fruit?   There are mangoes in everything: mango salsa, mango mixed fruit, mango ice cream and try to buy a flavored bottle of water without mango in it: strawberry mango, orange mango, pineapple mango.  

I don’t believe consumers are raving for mangoes, so it must have to do with a profit margin – we are being manipulated to eat mangoes.     


the Ol’Buzzard


  1. So that's why I was craving mangoes this morning! I actually bought one of those 99c cans of Arizona since the mango energy drinks I used to get are no longer in stock. When the Venom energy drinks were in stock I'd mix it with the Arizona and make a "mango bomb". Sometimes I'll even pay $3 for a cup of sliced mangoes because there aren't many other fruits I crave.

    Dammmit, they got me. I'm under their spell. Must. Have. Mango. ::drool::

    The Pedestrian Writer

  2. I love mango. Truth is, I wasn't introduced to them until my dad was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. We would buy them from the area farmers. They were huge, half the size of watermelons.


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