Thursday, May 4, 2017


Stephen King has two movies due to debut this summer.   A remake of It will be out soon, followed by The Dark Tower.   If you are a King fan you will not want to miss either.


If you have a dead body you need to dispose of you probably need the cleaner.  

Stephen King's cameo in the The Sons of Anarchy:

They all float down here!
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I watched that episode last week, I had to go to IMdB to see if that really was King.
    The only book of his I read was The Stand, I liked it.

  2. I heard that instead of making several movies for the Dark Tower series they will make just this one and skim through all the books. It would be better if there were a series then there wouldn't be a butchering (no pun intended) of the best parts in Kings books.

  3. I loved him on SOA..cracked me up..can't wait for new books..John Sandford has a new out coming out too.

  4. Do you follow Stephen King's merciless twitter condemnations of Trump and his policies? He is fearless and outspoken. No pussy-footing around for him!

  5. I love Stephen King. Thanks for the heads up! I'm very ignorant about movies.

  6. I have only seen two Stephen King movies, never read any of his books. Delores Claiborne and The Green Mile. They were good so I will watch more given your encouragement. Thanks.


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