Thursday, March 16, 2017


Mid March, moving toward Equinox and I have rambling thoughts of nothing much.   

So here are some March pictures with comments.

Have dug out from what hopefully what will be the last major snowstorm of this winter.

Still have snow stacked half way up the back window - the results of a metal roof.   

Spring time is an ideal time to buy a snow blower.  I bought this one from Sears sixteen years ago.  The price was $750 but it was the beginning of spring and I offered the manager $500 - or he could be stuck with it over the summer.     He took the $500.

I have had to replace belts twice and the friction disk once; but I can't complain as this little seven horse has moved tons of snow over the years.   

However if you are in the market I suggest you look for a snow blower with a round snow shoot.  This rectangle shoot tends to clog up in wet snow

It is not easy typing a post with a cat in your lap; but my lap seems to be where she likes to settle when I am on the computer.   This is the baby girl - two years old.

Her aunt (six years old) takes over my wife's computer chair when it is vacant.   You can see we have two hairy cat and so regular brushing is a must.

We have been cat people since 1992 when we got our first Maine Coon while in Alaska.  

Combing and brushing our cats in the winter has always been a problem since any comb or brush we bought seemed to create static electricity and and caused shocks - the cats always resisted combing during the winter.   Catch me comb me!

Two years ago when we adopted our girls ( our Ragdoll cat had died at 18 years old)  combing again became a problem in the winter. 

At the grocery store we happened to buy this unlikely looking brush.  The brush is made of a soft rubber type material with wire tines with little rubber tips.  The handle evidently acts as an insulation and doesn't build up  a charge - so the cats don't get shocked.   As soon as we pick up one of these brushes the cats drop down and wait for a combing - the look forward to it.   

Cat approved - my cats recommend it.  

My wife is in the bathroom doing her shower and make-up while I wait and wait and wait.... but it is always worth it.    The woman is fantastic - I don't know how I ended up with her. 

We are going shopping and will have a lunch out.  The temps are in the low twenties with a twenty mph wind, but this is Maine and we are use to the weather.   

I have just been notified that she is ready and I am not - so it's time to go.

the Ol'Buzzard



  1. Pretty girls! Stop talking about that cold weather, I'm jealous as it is.

  2. What luck to have found that non-static brush! Beautiful kitties.

  3. You're so sweet about your wife. And I like how you listen to her!

  4. high of 80 today and 84 over the weekend..crazy weather here this year.
    Dexter doesn't like to be combed no matter what I use..and he's getting is ass shaved this summer..he's shedding every where and making me a crazy old lady.

  5. Sixteen years on that snowblower. By today's obsolescence standards, that is a miracle.

  6. I've found that spray-on cooking oil or WD-40 keeps the snow from sticking....Maybe you folks on the other side of the world have sucky snow???


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