Sunday, December 11, 2016


We have two older laptops that we have recently replaced.   The computers are still good, but I hesitate to give them away because of personal information that may be accessible.   

Any suggestions?
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. I'd think there has to be a way to return them to factory ... or at least really clean your personal files off it...

    I have AVG antivirus and when I click on a file one of the choices in the menu is "Permanently shred with AVG". No idea if it really works or not but it sounds good.

    I expect someone will know how to do it...

  2. I have no idea, but when you figure it out, tell me what to do with all the old obsolete cell phones I'm hanging onto. -Jenn

  3. Be careful...just erasing DOES NOT get the information off your hard drive. There are companies out there that will burn your hard drive...for a fee, of course. I usually remove the hard drive myself and physically destroy the thing. They are easily replaced with new ones relatively cheaply.

    Give Goodwill a call. Ours has a separate computer section. They take them in donation...refurbish/rebuild for resale. So no hard drive is not really an issue.

  4. Do you have a shotgun?....Ka-Pow...Info gone..Then the plastic recycle bin....

  5. In NJ we bought a new computer at a electronics store and they had a geek squad located in the store. They took the hard drives out of our old computer and laptop, gave them to us and recycled the computers. We took the hard drives home and destroyed them.

  6. You can go here and they will tell you how to get rid of your old computers.
    There is also a free file you can download and use to shred old files you don't want anyone to get hold of. It's
    I have personally used this. It's a great program.

  7. jaded and jack have some good advice. just because you erase its still on your hard drive. Gotta take the hard drive out!

  8. ooooh I've wondered myself if the hokey pokey is what its all about .. LOL


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