Sunday, November 20, 2016


I bought my wife a Garrett ACE – 150 metal detector. 

Yesterday was the first time detecting.  We have waited for her to regain her strength after her cancer treatments, and for the weather to cool enough that the bugs would not be a bother.   We went to a place about three miles from our house, on the Sandy River, used by swimmers and kayakers.     We spent an hour detecting and found one penny.  

After detecting we drove to a country diner about eight miles north.   We had fish and chips and the bill came to $20.00 – It actually only cost us $19.99 as we used our metal detecting find to help pay for lunch. 

We are now officially Treasure Hunters

Perhaps a little older

The Ol’Buzzard


  1. You're not too far away from Oak Island, relatively speaking. Maybe you'll be the ones who finally find the treasure! It makes me happy to hear that your wife is well enough to go out and play with her new toy! -Jenn

  2. tell Mrs Buzzard she is on my prayer list and I give the Goddess something shiny for her every day..and we will take all the credit when she has a clean bill of you both.wonder if they make a brain detector??

  3. You'll have that machine paid off in exercise & loot from buried & lost treasure in no time!

  4. Glad to hear it's paying off! Best wishes to your lovely wife as her health improves!

  5. Always wanted one of those. Glad your wife is oop and aboot to seek treasure in the woods.


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