Wednesday, July 22, 2015


My wife with her constant companion Rag Doll

We lost our 18 year old Rag Doll cat in January of 2014.   We felt that it would be quite a while before we would we would want another cat – you can’t replace one that has lived with you for half your married life.   Then in November, on a whim, we checked out Maine Coon Cats within the state – found a woman who had kittens, contacted her, and the next thing we knew we were picking up a kitten and her older sister. 

Toula at 11 months

Our kitten Toula will turn one year old at the end of this month and Bella, her older sister, will turn six this November.

Sweet Bella

The older girl is very laid back and unbelievably patient of the kitten.   The kitten, however, is like a kid in the terrible twos – unbounded energy and into everything.


Toula's favorite place to sleep

Patient Bella

Maine Coons are known as the dogs of the cat world.  They follow you around, seek your attention, nothing particularly bothers them and they are big and friendly. 

It is absolutely gratifying to be cat people again.   Cats are the original Zen masters and being around them imparts peace, acceptance and contentment.   They constantly teach you if you pay attention. 

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. They look like they belong. You will be happy for their companionship, I am sure. Dogs of the cat world. Love it.

  2. They're so beautiful and they look very happy.

  3. my son and wife have 2 rag dolls..harley and bella..they are beautiful..and of course you know the handsome Dexter is a Main Coon, who has the worlds record in not giving a fuck.

    1. You are right - Maine Coons don't give a fuck.


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