Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sunday morning my wife and I decided to go to the local truck stop for breakfast.   We had forgotten that the county fair was still in session so when we arrived the place was packed.  We thought about leaving, but as my next favorite place to have a really good decadent breakfast was about ten miles away – and we were hungry – we found an open booth and settled in. 
The place was full of fair goers, some truckers and a group of bikers from New Hampshire.   Along with the restaurant being crowded the noise level was so high we had trouble just talking across the table and being understood.   There was even a child screaming from some corner table, but for a change that did not bother me, for it just added into the den. 
The waitress came over and took our orders.  My wife ordered corned beef hash and eggs and I had the truckers special: three eggs, bacon, toast and french-fries.

One of the waitresses was having a bad day, and was slamming dirty dishes into a container so hard she actually broke at least one of the coffee cups – every ten minutes or so we could hear the crash as cups and saucers were unceremoniously dropped (or tossed) into the collection bin.

You might think that this was a miserable breakfast out; but, the food was great – cooked perfectly, the coffee was good, no one was being obnoxious, and no one was on a cell phone – because it was too noisy.  With the exception of that one waitress, people were just having a good time.

We do prefer a quitter atmosphere; but there is something about brisk fall weather and fair season that makes a crowd feel natural and invigorating.

the Ol’Buzzard


  1. sounds like a delightful time! good food and looking across the table at a beautiful woman, don't get no better than that!

  2. For quite a few years, I worked a night shift as a railroad drawbridge operator on the Maumee River. I would get off work at 7 am and breakfast was my favorite meal...poached eggs on 7 grain toast, Canadian Bacon and hash browns...I still love poached eggs, but now I make huevos rancheros, I have to grow my own fresh jalepenos here in France...breakfast is my favorite dinner! We had our village festival here over the weeks end...in Badefols d'Ans is is the Fete de St. Cloud....a tradition dating back to the 12th century at least. A side of France most people never dream exists. We have a traditional parade of floats pulled by tractors with kids throwing confetti, marching bands, fireworks, the 12th century chateau has an open house, there is a big exhibition of farm machinery, dances, free dinners for the inhabitants! Then a traditional village market specializing in garlic, onions, pumpkins, squashes and melons! Amusement Rides set up in the central square....then a traditional veal calf auction and livestock judging! We are one of the main veal producing regions of France, but it has nothing to do with what you Americans think of as veal. Trophies are given out and everyone has a great time! Then there is another big lunch...and the old guys get pretty drunk and have to be swept out so they can take down the tent. I'm posting a video on my blog later today! And just who was our patron, Saint Cloud? He founded the monastery that became Badefols around 600 AD! The name of the village, Badefols, is actually from the post Roman language, Oc....it sort of translates to screaming idiot.....Bade:yelling, barking. Fols: Fool...there is a story there...................

  3. okay the video is published now! check it out!

  4. Now I want some corned beef hash and eggs....

  5. Truck stops often serve the BEST breakfasts!


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