Tuesday, July 23, 2013


After two weeks of ninety degree weather with evening thunderstorms we have moved back to moderate temperatures.  Day temperatures are in the lower seventies and nights are dropping into the lower fifties.   Of course we still have rain today: but I love that sound on our metal roof.  

I love Maine
the Ol'Buzzard


  1. We are at 88!
    Debating doing the State Fair in INDY next month depending on the heat...


  2. I went to Montana last week to meet a couple I met on her blog for some camping and fishing, the weather was perfect and they are really neat people.

  3. Arrghhh! That's Pirate talk! Here in the Sud-Ouest it is hot! After a cold wet spring, the rain just stopped and day after day of +90 degree temps. I have to get my biking done in the morning and then spend money watering...I also have a pump in the pond....Huge storms rumbled around France the last 2 days, but nary a droplet here, that's why they call this place La Sechere. I bought some stuff from Amazon a few weeks ago and for some reason my gmail auto translated the reply from Amazon.fr and the name of my hamlet came out in English to "The Place of the Ongoing Drought" I hope the weather breaks before September when I have to work outside hauling grapes for 2 weeks...We had a drought like this in 2003 and we were harvesting dried up raisins....made good wine, though!

  4. What can I say;It is July 29th and it is sixty-eight degrees this morning and will be 55 tonight. We will be back up near eighty toward the end of the week. The saying is that if you don't like the weather in Maine, just wait a week.


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