Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We have about two feet of standing snow left after a week of above freezing temperatures; however, not to fear – winter is still playing catch-me-fuck-me here in northwestern Maine.  We have fourteen to seventeen inches of snow predicted for the storm coming through tonight and tomorrow.  

Up here it is all a normal part of winter and those of us that love Maine accept it as part of the charm – a place where nature reminds us regularly that we are all tenants in her world.

My concern is that I only have about one cord of firewood left and then I have to switch to burning expensive oil.   So I am looking for – and hoping for an early spring…which also means biking weather.  

and we know it is coming.

The black bike is mine, and my wife is in the jean jacket talking to the secretary of the United Bikers of Maine

I was out in the shed this morning looking at the motorcycle – I have a kind of a sexual thing going with the bike.   I want to touch it and stroke it and mount it and ride the hell out of it.  

I know that we are on the down side of winter when I find I am running a mild bike fever. 

the Ol’Buzzard



  1. You could double as Sean Connery in that last picture.

  2. Funny, I was thinking the same thing as The Blog Fodder. Good looking bike...I'd ride her.

  3. Nice bike! I did't now about your relationship with these machines! It's been a pretty ugly winter here, but this winter thing is a lot more gentle here...more snow than I've ever seen in the Dordogne in my 20 years here....and I have managed to heat my big old farm house with wood...I want to do a some kind of promotional thihg with the STIHL company! I drove my wife to Brive-la-Gaillarde this morning at 7 hour drive and she got the cast off of her foot...and the foot looks almost...normal! It looks like she's recovering at a super human rate. We are attributing this to our Chinese medicine connection.
    I gotta send you some photos of my nephew Tommy's Harley collection. He has Harleys dating back to the 1930's....All in his garage in New Jersey called The Church of What's Happening Now......I did a piece of art work inspired by a comment you made on my blog last week...the portrait for the Republic of Texas 10 Peso Note!

  4. You had better get in more wood for next winter so you have a surplus. I bought a wood splitter to keep Helen well stocked with it. No snow here this year.

  5. Just because it's March, the idiots on the local news are talking Spring. Hell, even on the calendar that's three weeks away yet. Usually Winter lasts at least until the middle of April and sometimes til May.(One year I left here the third week in April and the fence posts were barely poking up out of the snow. Came back two weeks later and The Old Lady had the cows out in the pasture!!)

    Then again, we've had snow every month of the year around here.

    My wood is holding up well. Will have more than enough in my new woodshed to last this winter and the old one is half full. Will have to cut more firewood when the snow is gone so I can stay ahead of the game. It would be nice to have enough firewood to be a year ahead. That way it's nice and seasoned when I burn it. Even tho my wood is seasoned, had to clean the chimney today. Damn stove is so efficient that the smoke is cool in the chimney and soot builds up.

    1. i burn my stove wide open most of the time when I am uses more firewood but the chimney stays clean. I damper her down when i am going to be gone for awhile.
      Maine winters are unpredictable. Sometimes you get a mild one and then sometimes you get the bear. Most old Mainers won't plant until the first week of June and I have seen frost as early as September.
      the Ol'Buzzard

    2. We try to keep it down below 80 in here. If we were to burn it wide open, most days we would have to let the fire go out and relight it again in the evening. I don't have that much kindling. I guess I'll have to get in the habit of cleaning the chimney every other month or so. I can do it from the ground so it's not too much of a problem.

  6. Looking good, the both of you and I understand about the bike. Let's hope spring kicks into gear very soon. We're supposed to have some sunshine in Halifax by Wednesday.


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