Thursday, May 10, 2012

What the hell is going on with Blogger?

I usually type my post in Microsoft Word and cut and paste to my blog.  Today when I paste my post it appeared on white background strips.   I had to select Text Background Color icon and choose black background in order for my post to conform to my template.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

this sux as it messes with the color of fount I choose.

How do you complain to Google Blogger?


  1. I used to do that and had problems. MS Word has hidden commands and extra HTML that you can't control. If you use Notepad, which I think is based on ASCII, you don't have the problem.

  2. Whatever they have done to it has NOT been an improvement. Stuff we need like more control over the format, we don't get. No matter what typeface I choose it all looks the same on my blog.

  3. the color thingy...embed codes...the system seems to change day to day...what worked for months, suddenly doesn't, then it does...or differently...I still use blogger because I'm too lazy to switch to Tumblr.....

  4. any time I copy and paste it does that..which is why I don't do it any more..pisses me off too.

  5. I've been writing my posts in text edit ever since I began blogging. I don't like the new background set-up but I haven't had any problems using it either.

  6. I type directly on Blogger's template rather than cut and paste from word; everything works fine for awhile, then some (but not all) of a post will come out on white strips, some on the selected background color. Does anyone else have this problem? And why doesn't Blogger allow me to ask this question?

  7. Tom: I had that problem for a while and it seemed to cure itself????
    the Ol'Buzzard


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