Friday, April 29, 2011

Bluerass In My Soul


I was raised in eastern Kentucky and bluegrass music is in my blood. I can remember, when I was young, the old men at the courthouse on Saturday night with guitars, fiddles and banjoes singing hill music.

I like classical, some country, most rock and roll; but can’t stand rap – that is until now.

There is a show on FX network called Justified that I look forward to each week – it’s about Harlan County Kentucky, in the western part of the state: but it’s a little bit of Kentucky I can identify with. Each week at the beginning of the episode they play a theme that caught my attention.

I researched it on the net and found Bluegrass Rap by a group called Gangstagrass – and I like it.

I'm including a clip: If you like bluegrass you may like this.

This one is about West Va. coal mines: same in Kentucky mines.
Blue Grass RAP - I'm sold!

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